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Since 1985 we have adhered to a strict quality assurance program. All incoming work is inspected and assigned a tracking number that is permanently etched to each wheel. This job number is used for SPC control and for any possible inquiries, and we keep both hard copy and electronic copies of all work shipped as reference.

Our processes are well documented in writing. We have SPC controls governing our Diamond and cBN as well as all the ingredients used in all our processes. We keep hard copy reports for all procedures governing safety and plant operations.

Our building is secured by state of the art security and video camera systems, and only invited guests can enter the building, which is always locked. Copies of electronic records are kept offsite and backed up in a cloud service. Records are kept under lock and key, and are only available to authorized personnel.

All manufacturing and coating processes are accomplished under the most stringent parameters. No products are shipped until they pass rigorous inspection in our quality assurance department. All our inspection tooling and optical comparators are traceable to National Standards.

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