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DIANAMIC ® Single Layer Superabrasive products excel when used to remove stock quickly at high and immediate feed rates, such as creep feed operations, CNC grinding, jig grinding, etc. They also perform extremely well when precision form grinding is necessary such as carbide insert form grinding.

DIANAMIC ® Single Layer Superabrasive products grind at a very fast rate and at a very cool temperature in comparison to other conventional abrasives and bonded superabrasives. Even with very high feed rates, there is very little heat build up. Using Virgin CBN on hardened steel of Rc 52+, under normal circumstances, will not cause burning or metallurgical damage.

DIANAMIC ® Single Layer Superabrasive products can be used to grind ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Exceptional results are received when grinding carbide, hardened steels and alloys, glass, glass reinforced plastics (GRP), composites, ceramics in the green and sintered state, epoxy resin composites and other hard to machine exotic non ferrous materials.

The following are some of the possible processes where DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasives have been used successfully: OD-ID Grinding, Jig Grinding, Surface Grinding, CNC Form Grinding, Creep Feed Grinding, Flute Grinding, Honing, Single Pass Honing, Lapping, Sawing, etc.

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