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Superabrasive Bonded Grinding Wheel Specification Questionnaire

The following questions should be answered as completely as possible. Your response will allow us to design and manufacture an “application oriented” Superabrasive grinding wheel best suited to your specific requirements and environment.

If you are currently using a superabrasive bonded grinding wheel, please provide the current type of bond and wheel specifications which are always located on the grinding wheel and the packaging as well as the manufacturers’ name. This information will allow us to cross reference your current product to the Dianamic “application oriented” Superabrasive bonded products.

Often times the type of grinding wheel you are currently using is not the best for your specific application. We will analyze the information you provide us concerning the type of product you are grinding as well as the grinding environment and recommend the appropriate “application oriented” bond system and mesh / micron size for your specific micro finish requirements.

When evaluating competitive products and quotes; please note that often times Dianamic is not the least expensive supplier, although we are the highest quality supplier. Keep in mind that we use in our manufacturing processes only the highest quality available ingredients in our bond systems and never use any reclaim or mixed product (Diamond or cBN). We use only Virgin Diamond (synthetic and natural) and various types of cBN which are selected on an “application oriented” basis.

What is “application oriented” superabrasive grinding wheel? Since 1985, Dianamic selects not only the highest quality Diamond and cBN, but also selects the most appropriate type of superabrasive to be used on an application case by case basis, based on customer requirements and specifications.

Not all Diamond and cBN is created equal. Each type of superabrasive has very specific ways it reacts during grinding / machining processes. Our selection process for the “application oriented” is based on 29+ years of actual manufacturing experience.

Superabrasive Bonded Grinding Wheel Specification Questionnaire

Please answer questions as completely as possible

Company Name_________________________________________________________________

Ship to Address_________________________________________________________________

Bill to Address if different_________________________________________________________

City______________________________________State / Province________________________

Zip Code / Postal Code_________________________Country____________________________


Company Web site______________________________________________________________

Contact Name__________________________________________________________________

Contact Email___________________________________________________________________

Contact Telephone and Extension and Facsimile if different from Company


Superabrasive Grinding Wheel Specifications in Inches or Metric
or submit wheel prints in AutoCAD to info@dianamic.com

1. Grinding Wheel Shape (if available)___________________________________________
(For mountable OD type wheels)

2. ID Style Grinding Wheels- Head Diameter____________Head Length________________

    Shank Size_______________OAL_____________________Other___________________

3. Bond Type

(For plated / single layer products, please fill out the Plated Questionnaire)

4. Bond specifications_______________________________________________________

(Bond specifications can be found on your existing grinding wheel or packaging)

5. Current Supplier’s Name / Manufacturers Name________________________________

6. OD or Form Wheel size specifications

a. Diameter ____________________________________________________________

b. Thickness_____________________________________________________________

c. Bore Diameter________________Expected Tolerance + or -____________________

d. Bolt Hole Circle if applicable_____________________________________________

e. Mounting Hole thread size and pattern if applicable__________________________

f. Bond Depth________________________________________________

g. Mesh Size or Micron Size________________________________________________

h. Superabrasive Type (please circle)

Natural DiamondSynthetic DiamondcBN

If you know if the Synthetic Diamond is Crystalline (which offers a more uniform
shape and size controlled crystal) or Non Crystalline (which is a free cutting
crystal), please list below:

If you know what type of superabrasive by manufacturers name and if there is
any subsequent coating such as Nickel, Copper, Chromium, Copper Alloy -
Bronze and Cobalt, Silicon Based or Titanium, please list below:


i. Any additional information that may be useful, please describe:__________________


j. If you do not have the wheel shape, please describe as completely as possible,
   include any angle / angles; radius / radii or any form per print specifications that can
   be dressed. Advise if there are any hub on either or both sides and diameter and
   thickness or if the wheels are to be mounted on standard Sopko adaptors.





Product being ground

Steel Grade____________________________Rockwell Hardness C_______________________

Carbide Grade and Cobalt content__________________________________________________

Ceramic Grade_________________________________________________________

Friction Material type____________________________________________________________

Glass or other type of material_____________________________________________________

Machine, Coolant and Filtration Specifications

Type of machine used and brand name______________________________________________

Spindle HP / KW__________________________________Is spindle constant velocity YES or NO

Coolant use and type_________________________________Is a coolant chiller used YES or NO

Filtration type and to what micron filtered___________________________________________

Do you have high pressure coolant velocity system? YES or NO

Type, brand, flow rate, velocity, pressure, temperature_________________________________


Grinding Parameters - Type of Grind Process

Type of grinding

(Please circle)

In feed depth______________________________Cross feed speed_______________________

Spindle speed________________RPM /SFM ____________________Variable speed YES or NO

Stock removal per pass_______________________Total Stock Removal___________________

Size of part being ground_________________________________________________________

Dresser type__________________________Frequency of Dressing_______________________

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