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Single Layer Electroplated or Bonded

What are Single Layer SuperAbrasives?

DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasive (electroplated) grinding wheels and products consist of a single layer of either Virgin Diamond or cBN which is nickel bonded to a steel or aluminum core. The exact form required is manufactured directly onto the steel core. Most larger OD form grinding wheels are manufactured with an indicating ring to align the wheel to individual spindle eccentricity and to minimize any possible run out. Our standard and custom ID grinding pins and mandrels have a maximum run out of .0002″ between head and shank. Because the form holds true throughout the life of a DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasive product, reduced down time is experienced.

Request Form Questionnaire

The following questions should be answered as completely as possible. Your response will allow us to design and manufacture an “application oriented” Superabrasive grinding wheel best suited to your specific requirements and environment.

Common Uses: OD-ID Grinding – Jig Grinding – Surface Grinding – CNC Form Grinding – Creep Feed Grinding – Hedge Grinding – Flute Grinding – Honing – Brake Pad Grinding – Single Pass Honing – Lapping, Sawing – & More


Purchase Orders may be placed by E-mail, fax, mail or telephone. Include on the purchase order the ship to and attention of information, part number for stock items, Diamond or cBN, Mesh and quantity. Stock items normally ship within 24 hours of receipt of hard copy purchase order. Delivery for non-stock items is on a quoted basis.


From standard coatings to special applications, DIANAMIC® will meet all your special Diamond and cBN requirements. Our sales and engineering staff work closely with our customers to develop optimized solutions for grinding problems.

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