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What Are Single Layer SuperAbrasives?

DIANAMIC ® Single Layer Superabrasive (electroplated) grinding wheels and products consist of a single layer of either Virgin Diamond or cBN, which is nickel bonded to a steel core. The exact form required is manufactured directly onto the steel core. Because the form holds true throughout the life of a DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasive product, reduced down time is experienced.

Most OD form grinding wheels are manufactured with an indicating ring that is true to the form that allows the operator to align the wheel to individual spindle eccentricity, and to minimize possible run out.

Our standard and custom ID grinding pins and mandrels have a maximum run out of .0005″ between head and shank.

Why Choose DIANAMIC® Single Layer Products?

DIANAMIC Abrasive Products, Inc. consistently manufactures “quality assured” single layer superabrasive products, (commonly known as electroplated or as galvanic bond) and bonded products using only virgin diamond and cBN (cubic boron nitride also known as Borazon™ GE).

Our products are designed and manufactured employing state-of-the-art equipment and the finest quality materials. All manufacturing and coating processes are accomplished under the most stringent quality oriented parameters. No products are shipped until they pass rigorous inspection in our quality assurance department.

DIANAMIC specializes in the design and manufacture of custom grinding products based upon individual requirements and specifications. For fast quotation on all your custom grinding products either fax, call, E-mail or write us with your requirements. A wide range of standard size grinding wheels is also in stock and ready for delivery to your facility.

Advantages of Choosing DIANAMIC

An advantage of DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasive is that the steel cores(s) are recoatable if not damaged. In most cases damaged wheels can be repaired and re-qualified for a fraction of the original wheel blank cost.

As the superabrasive (either Virgin Diamond or cBN) wears and becomes dull, the individual crystals micro fracture, thereby re-sharpening and exposing new cutting edges until their life is totally expended. Once the superabrasive is expended, grinding pressures sharply increase and the wheel superabrasive coating has seen its total useful life.

The wheel core can be returned to DIANAMIC for stripping and recoating with Virgin Superabrasive. The cost of recoating a DIANAMIC Single Layer Superabrasive product is considerably less than the original cost. Savings range anywhere from 20% to 50%, depending on the complexity of the wheel form in comparison to purchasing a new wheel.

The single layer superabrasive products manufactured by DIANAMIC have many advantages over other abrasives. Due to their high quality, DIANAMIC’S Single Layer Superabrasive products offer extended wheel life with no truing or dressing, fast and immediate removal of stock and re-coatable cores (which lower replacement costs).


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