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Founded in January 1985, DIANAMIC® Abrasive Products, Inc. manufacturers galvanic single layer superabrasives, commonly known as electroplated or plated Diamond and cBN grinding wheels and tooling. From the original 300 square foot shop, we have grown to occupy 11,500’ in Troy Michigan. Our current average monthly output for the last several years is approximately 14,500 to 12,500 pieces used in heavy and light industry, commercial use, home, DYI and sports market.

Les buts de notre entreprise
DIANAMIC® Abrasive Products, Inc. est concentrée à vous fournir les meilleurs outils diamantés et cBN du monde soit galvanisés ou liés. Nous nous efforçons à une livraison de haute qualité en considérant vos demandes de délai et de prix. Il est notre intention de rester au sommet du développement technique en maintenant une relation proche avec nos clients et leurs besoins individuels.
DIANAMIC® Abrasive Products, Inc. ist darauf fokussiert, Ihnen die weltweit besten galvanisch belegten oder gebundenen Diamantund cBN Werkzeuge von gesichertem Qualitätsstandard zu liefern. Wir sind sehr darum bemüht, unsere Produkte zeitgerecht und kostenbewusst entsprechend den Erfordernissen und  Produktionsgegebenheiten unserer individuellen Kunden zu liefern und fühlen uns verpflichtet, stets die modernste Technologie einzusetzen um jederzeit Ihre individuellen Erfordernisse zu berücksichtigen.
Η Εταιρία DIANAMIC® Λειαντικών προιόντων ιδρύθηκε το 1985 και είναι η κατασκευάστρια των απλού στρώματος Super Λειαντικών, δεσμών Διαμαντιού και CBN ροδών και εργαλείων τροχισμού. Απο το αρχικό 100m3 ενός μέλους κατάστημα, τώρα κατέχουμε μια έκταση 1,200m3 χώρου παραγωγής και γραφείων.
Απο την βάση ενός τοπικού πελάτη το 1985, τα προιόντα DIANAMIC® τώρα γυρίζουν τον κόσμο, καλύπτοντας πέντε ηπείρους. Συνεχίζουμε να αναπτυξή μας,και μένουμε κοντά στις τεχνολογικές εξελίξεις προκειμένου να ικανοποιούμε τις μεταβαλλόμενες ανάγκες της πιο σημαντικής μας περιουσίας, τους πελάτες μας παγκοσμίως.



The electroplating coating process is done very differently from most manufacturers. We do not batch plate; that is we do not use one very large plating solution tank for all very different products made. Each wheel or each product is processed in a dedicated plating tank, with one dedicated constant current rectifier, with the specific AMPs required for that individual product based on the surface area and other plating conditions needed to make a perfect
Diamond or cBN grinding wheel or tool.

Only Virgin Diamond and cBN is used for all our products; we never mix or use reclaim (used) superabrasives. This is of paramount importance, as there is only one chance with galvanic single layer to perform.

Dianamic has the technology to electroplate Steel, Stainless and Aluminum. Most manufactures do not offer all these base core materials. We are finalizing our proprietary process and techniques to plate WC Tungsten Carbide.

Cross contamination between types of superabrasives (Diamond – synthetic and natural, cBN) and mesh sizes is eliminated by our process of using dedicated plating tanks and equipment specific to the superabrasive types and mesh sizes. This is important as the grinding tool is plated only with the type and size of superabrasive requested, and not a mix that does not perform properly.

All our products are inspected individually under high power magnification. As required, form wheels are inspected to 10X or 20X or 50X using optical comparator mylars depending on the finished tolerances.

Our core employees have an average of 25+ years of specific galvanic process manufacturing experience. All our employees are cross trained in all aspects of the galvanic single layer superabrasive plating process.


DIANAMIC ® Abrasive Products, Inc. is focused to provide the finest, consistent quality assured single layer and bonded superabrasive products manufactured and available in the global marketplace. We strive to deliver our products in a timely method, with cost awareness geared around the needs and production requirements of our individual customers. We are committed to remain technologically abreast and to maintain the highest of ethical business standards and practices.


Since 1985 we have adhered to a strict quality assurance program. All incoming work is inspected and assigned a tracking number that is permanently etched to each wheel. Our processes are well documented in writing. We have SPC controls governing our Diamond and cBN as well as all the ingredients used in all our processes. Our building is secured by state of the art security and video camera systems. Records are kept under lock and key, and are only available to authorized personnel. All manufacturing and coating processes are accomplished under the most stringent parameters. No products are shipped until they pass rigorous inspection in our quality assurance department. All our inspection tooling and optical comparators are traceable to National Standards.