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Founded in January 1985, DIANAMIC ® Abrasive Products Inc. is a manufacturer of Single Layer Superabrasives and Bonded Diamond and cBN Grinding Wheels and Tooling. From the original 300 square foot one man shop, we have grown to occupy 13,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

From the base of one local customer in 1985, the DIANAMIC product now spans the globe, covering five continents. We continue to grow and stay abreast of technological developments in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our most important asset, our customers worldwide.

Industrial Diamond Association of America (IDA)

Industrial Diamond Association of America (IDA)

Proud Member Since 1985


DIANAMIC ® Abrasive Products, Inc. is focused to provide the finest, consistent quality assured single layer and bonded superabrasive products manufactured and available in the global marketplace. We strive to deliver our products in a timely method, with cost awareness geared around the needs and production requirements of our individual customers. We are committed to remain technologically abreast and to maintain the highest of ethical business standards and practices.


Since 1985 we have adhered to a strict quality assurance program. All incoming work is inspected and assigned a tracking number that is permanently etched to each wheel. Our processes are well documented in writing. We have SPC controls governing our Diamond and cBN as well as all the ingredients used in all our processes. Our building is secured by state of the art security and video camera systems. Records are kept under lock and key, and are only available to authorized personnel. All manufacturing and coating processes are accomplished under the most stringent parameters. No products are shipped until they pass rigorous inspection in our quality assurance department. All our inspection tooling and optical comparators are traceable to National Standards.

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