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API Threaded or Profile Grinding Wheels

What are API Threaded or Profile Grinding Wheels?

API thread grinding wheels are used to manufacture carbide inserts used by the petroleum industry. Profile grinding wheels are used to grind very specific forms used in the manufacture of turbines (jet propulsion and electrical production. Profile wheels are also commonly used in the automotive industries.

Wheel Core Manufacturer Methods

Two methods of wheel core manufacture are utilized: (1) Ground forms on wheel adaptors up to 7″ (177.8mm) in diameter Maximum width 2” (50.8mm) and (2) Forms turned on CNC lathes (up to 20″ or 508mm in diameter) Maximum width 12″ (305mm). The methods chosen to manufacture an API Thread Grinding or Profile Grinding wheel core is dependant on the tolerances specified by each individual customers stated print requirements.


Technical Information

Wheel Size: The most common API Thread Grinding Wheel offering the greatest accuracy is either 7″ (178mm) or 6″ (152mm)

Angular Compensation: For each design or part number, a 20X and 50X Mylar is created. The mylar is compensated to achieve the ground profile required. We compensate the form according to the individual prints specifications for Front, Side and Radial clearance, Helix Angle, Top Rake and Tilt. Compensations with more than one correction are quite common. To achieve the correct profile we will advise if any special fixturing or angular tilting is required. Angular tilting of sharp angles dramatically increase wheel life.

Profile Limitations: We are limited by the size of the Diamond or cBN Mesh size specified in respect to profile limitations. The tabulated chart indicates the minimum Female and Male radii achievable in the ground profile.

DeliveryNormal delivery is 4 weeks from receipt of print. Strip / recoat delivery is 5 – 7 work days from receipt of undamaged wheel blanks.


Purchase Orders may be placed by E-mail, fax, mail or telephone. Include on the purchase order the ship to and attention of information, part number for stock items, Diamond or cBN, Mesh and quantity. Stock items normally ship within 24 hours of receipt of hard copy purchase order. Delivery for non-stock items is on a quoted basis.


From standard coatings to special applications, DIANAMIC® will meet all your special Diamond and cBN requirements. Our sales and engineering staff work closely with our customers to develop optimized solutions for grinding problems.

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