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Constant Velocity Joint Rebuilding Grinding Wheels

CV Joint Rebuilding Wheels

In 1990 DIANAMIC ® was approached by Mr. Rollo Garrison of Oliver Instrument Company of Adrian Michigan who was developing the first commercial CV Joint Grinding machine for the automotive parts rebuilders industry. DIANAMIC was asked to manufacture cBN grinding wheels for testing, and it soon became apparent that the Oliver design and the cBN grinding wheels by Dianamic were just what the rebuilder market needed.

In 1992, DIANAMIC re-engineered the original Oliver ball / quill design to make the first commercial mountable ball / bit cBN grinding wheel to be used for CV Joint Rebuilding.

Although the CV Joint Rebuilding business has changed drastically over the years, DIANAMIC continues to offer standard and special size Oliver and CVS style grinding balls, bits and wheels. Contact DIANAMIC for pricing and availability.

Oliver & CVS Part Number Comparison Chart

Replacement Ball Bearing Fractional Size Oliver Ball Size CVS Size Part Number
17/32″ .571″ #11
9/16″ .602″ #8
19/32″ .634″ #1
5/8″ .665″ #2
21/32″ .696″ #3
11/16″ .727″ #4
18mm .748″ #5
23/32″ .758″ #6
3/4″ .790″ #7
25/32″ .821″ #10
13/16″ .852″ #12
7/8″ .915″ #9



Purchase Orders may be placed by E-mail, fax, mail or telephone. Include on the purchase order the ship to and attention of information, part number for stock items, Diamond or cBN, Mesh and quantity. Stock items normally ship within 24 hours of receipt of hard copy purchase order. Delivery for non-stock items is on a quoted basis.


From standard coatings to special applications, DIANAMIC® will meet all your special Diamond and cBN requirements. Our sales and engineering staff work closely with our customers to develop optimized solutions for grinding problems.

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